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30 Jul 2020

Traduci e sottotitola il tuo video dall'inglese all'arabo o viceversa

Do you want to professionally translate & subtitle your video in a good quality for a good price? You’re in a right place! For $5 you get up to 5 minutes of professionally translated & subtitled video From English to Arabic and vice versa Do you have longer video? Not a problem, you can check gig extras or contact me and I will suggest the best option for your request. All I need from you is source video and script. If you don’t have script, kindly let me know Money back guarantee Good communication with our buyers is a must Customer Service Experience is our Top Priority Hello world, I’m really so exited to share my experience and skills with customers from all over the world. Actually, I’m still a student but I like the idea of being a dream chaser in life, to work hard through life and get the reward of my own efforts and work. I hope you find what I do useful. You can check my gigs to see what I provide :)

Traduci e sottotitola il tuo video dall’inglese all’arabo o viceversa

Informazioni sul venditore


  • Nome : Subtitle Editor

  • username : MuhammedSubeditor

  • Paese : EG

Se vuoi assumermi, contattami su : MuhammedSubeditor