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22 Jun 2020

Risolvi i problemi relativi all'algoritmo di apprendimento automatico

Hello Everyone, I would love to do the project involving Machine Learning and TensorFlow library. Tensorflow is my favourite library as it is fast, provides a great framework, works in graphs so easy to embed with data. Once I’ve started with Tensorflow, I merely needed any other library. Starting with Neural Nets, I’ve implemented different types of Neural Nets like DNN, CNN, RNN, GAN. Also with different languages like Scala, C++, R, MATLAB and especially Python. I have also vast experience with NLP with library Python-NLTK. I have also implemented k-means clustering for image processing. And above all, I are using Tensorflow for clustering, CNN for text and image classification, DNN, recently GAN(Generative Adversarial Network). The idea behind creating this gig is to simplify the journey of aspiring data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts across the world. Through this guide, I will enable you to work on machine learning problems and gain from experience. I am providing a high level understanding about various machine learning algorithms along with MATLAB & Python codes to run them. Past Projects Audio Classification Image Classification Video Classification Text Classification Loan Default Prediction Baby cry detection Face recognition Object Recognition Human Detection Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing It would be my pleasure to help you with your project Note: All the above stated types will be done for Small size of Dataset. For Mid or Large scale of Dataset, Please contact first.

Risolvi i problemi relativi all’algoritmo di apprendimento automatico

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