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05 Jul 2020

Diventa il tuo esperto di Microsoft Excel

Hi, my name is Brian and I am an Microsoft Excel Specialist with more than 25+ years hands-on experience creating and developing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. I consider every task to be a new challenge. What can I do in Excel ? I can: Create professional looking and branded spreadsheets from scratch Work with you to design your spreadsheet to exceed your expectations Create / correct formulas Sort, Clear, Filter data Remove duplicates VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, SUMIFS, COUNTIF etc Pivot tables Buttons, Drop-down lists, Menus, Forms… VBA code/Macros Conditional formatting Charts and Graphs Dashboards and so much more… simply ask… Let’s Get Started! NOTE: To avoid any confusion, PLEASE make sure to CONTACT me BEFORE you order. That way we can discuss your needs/wants before we get working on your project. We can also discuss how complex your task is and work out how long your task will take.

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal.*

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Diventa il tuo esperto di Microsoft Excel

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  • Nome : I am a passionate Microsoft Excel Specialist

  • username : ExcelSuperSite

  • Paese : AU

Se vuoi assumermi, contattami su : ExcelSuperSite