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03 May 2020

Aggiungi 200 lista dei desideri di Amazon e 100 lista dei regali

Hello, Single wishlist is not working for product ranking. So I am offering you to do your item wishlist/gift list/add to cart. Because those are very effective for keyword ranking, I will do it unique Computer IPS & MAC Ids. It is very safe and extra ordinary for boost your sales & ranking. And this hourlie give you to best seller position on amazon. Also your item show on most wishlist items & most giftlist items. We also do add to baby registry that is very effective for baby products. Share your item on social medias Give your item video reveiws on youtube give your item hands on review. My comprehensive product listing optimisation includes in-depth analysis and research of specific keywords you – and your competitors - are currently using, and adding or replacing those which will help to maximise your organic visibility, improving your chances of achieving more sales. I will offer enhancements and improvements to your main ‘Features’ bullet points as well as your ‘Description’ text (including how to format the layout so it looks more professional to your potential buyers), I will check the quality and suitability of the images you are using, and whether all the informational tabs in your listing have been correctly completed and optimised fully.

[N.B: I will sent you a excel sheet include the link of wishlist/gift list. You will check my work as well as what I’ve done.] I provide you 100% money back guarantee. Thanks and regards Farid Khan

Aggiungi 200 lista dei desideri di Amazon e 100 lista dei regali

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